Sky net. Why he won’t "be back."

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There’s a saying on Earth.  Hide from the orange ones and attack the purples ones.  If you don’t get that reference, we pity you and it’s probably why you’re reading this survival guide. 

The terminators with orange eyes are old models and only have motion and sound tracking sensors.  If you hide while staying motionless and quiet, there is little chance these models will track you down. 

On the other hand, the models with purple eyes are the latest and greatest.  These are the ones you want to save your weapons and traps for whenever possible.  They have upgraded motion and sound sensors, in addition to thermal and vibration sensors.  This means they can see you through some walls, and if they can’t see you, they can sense the vibrations of your footsteps before you even know they are there.

Obviously, our high powered vector explosive cannon is the top dog for taking down terminators, but again, this survival guide is for the “every-man”.  And the “every-man” is light on credits.  Don’t fret "penny pinchers", at only 10% of the cost, Survival of the Dummies Incorporated recommends the Dynamic Universal Mega Massive Yield Taser. This highly advanced DUMMY taser sends high doses of frequency tuned energy through the terminator’s electrical nervous system that can shut down their neural computers for several seconds or permanently if exposed to the energy long enough.  Lead the terminator into a narrow alley and then blast away.  With our patented weapon, he WON’T "be back!"


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