Other ways to play!


The instructions included with the game provide the most common way to play Survival of the Dummies.  That doesn’t mean you can’t change things up.  Below are some suggestions to make the game easier, harder, or more chaotic depending on how you want to play.  

  • Reduce or lengthen the timer.  To adjust the difficulty, try changing how long each team gets to answer their questions.  Remember, don’t make it too short or the host won’t have time to ready the questions.
  • Last ditch effort.  Is your team way behind in points with no chance of catching up?  On the last question card of the game, the team can wager all of their points in a last-ditch effort.  If you get all three questions correct, you double your existing points.  If you get any wrong, you go to zero.
  • Helping hand. Is the game too hard?  Allow the use of the internet or electronic devices. In addition, questions answered without the assistance of these devices get 3 points. Questions where the assistance of electronic devices are used only get 1 point.
  • Superhero. Want the game to be harder? Require that all three questions must be answered correctly, or the team receives 0 points.
  • 3’s a crowd. Play with 3 or more teams.  This can make the game more fun and dynamic, but each team has to wait longer between each turn.
  • Trap Detector. If you don’t like the randomness of the Orange DUMMY TRAP cards, try playing without them and just use the Purple QUESTION Cards.

Kickstarter Exclusive

These additional features are only included if you pledge during our Kickstarter campaign.  To show our appreciation to everyone that pledged money, these special features were added as a "Thank You" to the people that believed in our game in the early stages.

  • "Chance of Survival" game chip. This token is flipped whenever an impartial decision needs to be made. It is used as a helpful aid if there are disputes between the teams or to determine who goes first.  Just like a regular coin, but it looks much cooler and has No cash value!
  • Team Captain wrist bands. In Survival of the Dummies, the team captains are known as “Designated Dummies”.  Use the wrist bands to identify your Designated Dummy.  In some cases, the cards require that the Designated Dummy do all the work, so you don’t want to lose track of them!