Survival of the Dummies

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You're forced onto a twisted trivia game show.

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Can you THINK like a GENIUS while ACTING like a DUMMY?  This twist on trivia party game will test your skills!

  • Ages 13+

  • 4 or More Players

 Watch this video or keep reading for more details.

Game Details


PREMISE: The year is 2040.  Zombies, sky net terminators, vampires and intelligent apes have taken over. Humans were forced to leave and colonize Mars.  However, only the smartest and most talented were chosen for evacuation. If you're reading or listening to this game description . . . you are not one of those people. Luckily for you, the smart people on Mars are bored. Underachievers, like you, are now free entertainment for them on a game show and in exchange, you get a chance to escape Earth!  


1. Two teams answer questions in pop culture, history, geography, random facts, math and science, while distracted by funny, hard or downright annoying rules.  

2. The winners escape Earth and have bragging rights as being above average dummies.  

Will I survive? Can you name the US states that start with letter “A” while dancing in slow motion? If so, your team has a chance.

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Question Cards.

Over 200 Trivia questions in pop culture, sports, movies, music, geography, math, science, critical thinking, and history.

DummyTrap Cards

Like "Chance" cards in Monopoly

Game Features

Survival of the Dummies takes a basic trivia game and makes it fun and funny.  Typical trivia games often become tedious because it comes down to who can remember the most facts.  That is not the case with Survival of the Dummies.  Recalling facts is only about 25% of the game.  Your team will have to focus on teamwork, hand-eye coordination, multi-tasking, critical thinking, and time management in between constant laughter.

Multi-tasking and DUMMY-ISMS

Pretty much everyone can do two things at once, but the human brain is most efficient when it can focus on one task at a time.  Survival of the Dummies makes you perform actions that have nothing to do with the trivia questions simply to make you look silly and to confuse your brain.  We call these mental distractions “DUMMY-ISMS”.  Each question card has a different DUMMY-ISM and your team must follow these instructions while answering the questions.  It will completely change how you look at trivia games.


DummyTrap Cards

The DummyTrap cards in Survival of the Dummies are similar to “Chance” cards in Monopoly.  They add a random dynamic to the game that will help your team in some cases, but most times they are small penalties when the Dummy-ism instructions aren’t followed or your team gets questions wrong.     


Trivia for all

Survival of the Dummies encourages, and in some cases, demands that your team be as diverse as possible in their age, experiences, hobbies, and skills.  There are more than 200 questions and they range from pop culture, sports, movies, music, geography, math, science, critical thinking, and history.  You’ll rely on your team and your team will rely on you.